Regulations of the "Holcim Stiftung" for the Advancement of Scientific Research



(hereafter called the "Holcim Stiftung")
Based on Art. 10, para. 2d of the Deed of Foundation, the Board of Trustees issues the following regulations:

Article 1
The "Holcim Stiftung" was established by Cementfabrik Holderbank-Wildegg AG (hereafter called the Company), now operating under the name of Holcim (Switzerland) Ltd, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. The Foundation assets, which amounted to CHF 500,000 upon the Foundation's inception, are to be used for the advancement of scientific research.

Article 2
The Board of Directors of the Company will nominate a Board of Trustees to manage the Foundation's business.

Article 3
The Board of Trustees ensures that the Foundation assets are invested and managed appropriately and that grants are awarded in accordance with the provisions of the Deed of Foundation. It makes certain that the essence and purpose of the Foundation are publicized among the target groups. The Board of Trustees will appoint a Secretary to conduct the Foundation's business.

Article 4
The Foundation supports young scientists with a higher educational background who can demonstrate that they have a connection with Switzerland and/or whose work is in some way linked to Switzerland. The aim of the grants program is to enable such scientists to obtain a further qualification in their specialist field. The Foundation promotes all professional and educational directions and all scientific disciplines. Projects expected to help overcome current social problems or which explore innovative methods, new perspectives or novel lines of questioning crucial to the advancement of science are particularly deserving of promotion from the Foundation's viewpoint.

Article 5
Up to CHF 500,000 in grants may be awarded per annum. The Board of Trustees will decide on the amount of the individual grants. It reflects the nature and purpose of the "Holcim Stiftung" that it seeks rationally to augment the work of other foundations.

Article 6
Acceptance of a grant from the "Holcim Stiftung" in no way implies any form of obligation toward Holcim (Switzerland) Ltd. By way of exception, however, the Board of Trustees may couple the award of a grant to certain conditions in respect of patent obtainment, the repayment of grants in the event of commercial exploitation of research findings, etc.

Article 7
Applications for a grant must be made in writing to the Secretariat of the Board of Trustees. Submissions may be lodged directly by individual applicants, or by universities or equivalent higher education institutions, scientific institutions and other foundations petitioning on behalf of candidates recommended by them. Applications must include all documents necessary to make a thorough assessment of the submission, i.e.:

  • Cover letter (also includes a letter of motivation)
  • CV
  • academic certificates and professional references
  • proof of accomplishments in a specific field of science (dissertation, publications, inventions, etc.)
  • project description, timeframe and proposed use of grant funds
  • references / recommendations from two recognized scientists

Article 8
The Board of Trustees will deal with applications as expediently as possible. It will make the final decision on the sum to be awarded and define the grant conditions and payment modalities. If the number of applications exceeds the volume that can be covered by the available resources, the Board of Trustees will prioritize the submissions received. In doing so, the Board will take into consideration the value and scope of the projected scientific work as well as the availability of grants from other sources to support the same project.

Article 9
Beneficiaries are obliged to use the funding they receive in accordance with the stated purpose and, upon completion of the project, to report to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees by submitting

  • activity report
  • statement of costs
  • summary of any research findings, data etc.

Interim reports may be requested if a project lasts more than one year. If for any reason it is not possible to use the funds for the stated purpose, the Foundation must be notified immediately. The Board of Trustees will decide on the measures to be taken and on whether grant funding is to be repaid.

Article 10
In the event of a willful breach of the agreed conditions or the unauthorized use of grant funds, the Board of Trustees reserves the right to suspend grant payments with immediate effect, to demand the reimbursement of payments made, and to take legal action against the parties concerned.

Article 11
The Board of Trustees will keep the Company informed of its activities by submitting an annual report and statements of account. If the Company so wishes, it may view the activity reports and research work of grant recipients.

Article 12
These regulations enter into force on January 1, 2003. They may be amended or expanded by the Boards of Trustees at any time in accordance with the Deed of Foundation.


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